Saturday, January 21, 2012

I need to make up my mind

I don't know if you notice but, I'm always editing something in this blog almost everyday. It's sorta weird if you think about it, but yet again, blogging is really fun. As you can see, I edited the some of the colors and updated some pages. My explanation is because the colors are hurting my eyes. I knew I should've chosen darker colors. I'm not a really huge fan of kawaii things, but I thought the colors were pretty so I chose it and I didn't want to make the blog look gothic or emo. Next month, I'm making a layout that's super simple and gray which in other words...boring.

Today, I was taking pictures (because I was bored) and I don't know why but, I always end up doing stupid things in front of the camera. I guess I'm just born weird.

I never knew that my webcam had this feature. Hahahas, this is my first time using it ^-^. Well, I'm finally able to do one-shot and drabble requests because I'm feeling bored. Feel free to request but please follow the rules because I don't like declining someone's request (it makes me feel guilty). I don't do smut because I don't know those kind of "things." 


  1. The colors are okay so you shouldn't worry <3

  2. lol, blogging is indeed fun! i think your layout looks fine already haha... i 'm also working on my portfolio's new layout because I can't stand the compact area for blogging especially when i love to talk too much on my blog XD my webcam died and I never get to use it lol but the features are too cute!