Saturday, January 1, 2011

One-Shots Request

1. Please be nice and mind your manners.
2. Give me some time to finish your request. I have a life too you know.
3. You must comment once to your one-shot once it's ready so I know that you've read it.
4. I do not do smut or rated! I don't know those kind of "things."
5. Please reply to my messages in any case of inconvenience.
6. You can request from others, but with different plot. You may submit one request at a time.
7. If you didn't like how the story turned out, please don't bash or leave any negative comments.
8. Fail to follow the rules and I will ignore your request.
9. Make sure you tag or tell me in formspring that you requested so I will immediately get your request. It would be better to inform me in formspring.

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