Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Feeling of Regret

I feel so stupid for quitting band. Why did I even think of quitting?! You might be confused on what I am blabbing about, so let me tell you the whole story. I was walking back to my class, when I suddenly heard my former band class play. They were playing a happy song, but to me, it somewhat had that sad feeling into it. I'm a musical kind of person, so sometimes, I get really emotional when it comes to music. Anyways, I felt so regretful after listening to them play, and I wish that I could go back and just rip that resignation letter apart. Now, whenever I try to study playing my trombone (yes, I play the trombone, believe it or not), all those good memories comeback to me and that feeling of regret comes in.

My one tip is, be more mindful of your actions in the future. Even though you may say that you won't regret it, you might (or will) regret it somehow. The video below is by Norihiro Tsurue - Last Carnival, and it's like how I felt when I stopped to listen to my former band class. I actually found this instrumental when I  read a really sad fanfic based on this (well, the name is). 

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