Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Changes - Day 01-02

Yes! I finally had the time to blog because I couldn't fit in blogging on yesterday's schedule. Well anyways, I am making some changes on how I blog because seeing a pro blogger's blog just makes me so envious of them. I mean, even though their blog layout is boring, their posts is what attracts you to keep on reading and also the professionalism level on their blog is really epic. Now, what is Day 01-02 for? 
Answer: I got tagged on this Facebook note that you have to pretty much tell what you're doing using pictures, videos, or any other media things. So, why not post them in my blog as well. 
 Day 01: I feel like a slacker because I didn't finish the drawing I was supposed to do. Gee! I had to rush just to get it finished and it looks like crap. Never procrastinate!

Me and my sister were on our way to her piano teacher and it was also raining. I don't know why, but it feels so nice to be inside a moving car while it's raining out and to top all of that, I was listening to Viva la Vida by Coldplay (such a nice song to listen to while it's raining). 

Day 02: That means today! I was browsing through KPOP Confessions and some posts just pissed me off like this one about Sungjong:

SungJong is ugly and cant sing

I don't mind that she/he doesn't like Sungjong (everybody is different), but what really ticked me off was that she/he posted this on there. Tell me why is Sungjong on Infinite if he can't sing or he is ugly?  Sungjong is like the cutest and innocent person ever (other than Taemin, but he's all grown up now) and he is really friendly too. 


(source: fysungjong)

On the other hand, I saw this and it just made me so happy *tears of joy*: 

I don’t understand how some people think that Krystal is Myungsoo ideal type.Myungsoo’s ideal type: long wavy hair + pure/innocent = Naeun.

(source: KPOP Confessions)

I thought I was the only who ships L with someone from Apink...I guess not. I'm so happy!

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