Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 03

I decided to post day three alone today since it's dealing with the couples I ship (I'm so gonna enjoy this post). Before I get to that, let me tell you my day. I was walking home from school when I decided to hug the stop sign. Pretty normal weird eh?

My most favorite couple (MyungEun):

Sadly, it's not likely that these two will end up together TT TT. My hopes are still high though. Why can't these two just end up together *sob*.

(source: fyeahpinkfinite)

My second favorite couple is Khuntoria:

I actually think that these two have a high chance of ending up with each other. Gosh! Why can't they just get together already. 


(source: khuntoria)

Finally, there's the Seokyu couple: 

Aww...they're holding hands. They were like my favorite in the SEOUL music video, although they could have made them the main couple instead.


(souce: fyeahseokyu)

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