Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tornado Drills and Thai Music

Man, do we have to start that now? I just hate tornado drills, they freaking hurt my back! Last Friday we had a tornado drill and since the hallway was packed, I was sent to the effing cafeteria. I could have died on my way there you know...if it was a real tornado drill...just saying. Luckily, the cafeteria group didn't have to do it again (that means me), while the others do. it just me or have I been complaining the last few days?

Aside from that, I've been listening to Thai music lately because my Lao and Cambodian best friend told me to. Ever heard of Four Mod? They're so cute! It's like the Thai version of Japanese my mind it is.

There's another one that I listened to, it's not Four Mod though.

I heard this was a big hit in Thailand. Oh, and I remember watching this Thai movie called Chocolate

A young autistic woman named Zen has developed uncanny martial arts skills by copying what she sees on television, as well as at the Muay Thai academy next to her home. She also has uncanny reflexes and is able to catch balls thrown at her without even looking.
(source:  Wikipedia)

I skipped the first few parts of the movie because it had "some" scenes in it. It's a really good movie in my opinion because it made me cry at the end (no, the main girl did not die).  The main girl is really pretty, she sort of looks like my cousin. That's her below. 

(source: flixya)

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