Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Finally Got Google Chrome

Yess! Meh is so happy that I FINALLY got Google Chrome. It's not that I hate don't like Internet Explorer, it's just that it's freaking slow and it doesn't have many features unlike Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and others. I am just soo happy that I even dreamed about it (no kidding). Well, the thing is, my dad doesn't let me download any other web browser because he thinks they're all the same (I even got in trouble once for downloading Mozilla Firefox). So guess what, meh is stuck with IE and when I finally got Google Chrome (because I wanted to have this Boyfriend Tumblr theme), I saw so many possibilities that I haven't seen while using IE:

How to install | Click Here to Install | Questions/Help | Other Themes

Sadly, I hope my Appa doesn't find out or else I'm screwed along with my sister (she downloaded Google Chrome too because IE won't let her see her blog). Anyways...that was me and my boring rant on IE. Aaaah! Sooo Happy! Have a happy holidays!

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