Sunday, January 1, 2012

Teen Top '미치겠어' Teaser

This was like back in December but I'm still gonna post about it. Okay, so mee mee was just randomly scrolling in tumblr when I saw this Teen Top teaser. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the video to see what it was and OMG, how L.joe called Sohyun *sob* so hot. The video or teaser is like one of those classic "guy-chases-the-bus-to-get-the-girl-thing" (pardon me for my bad explanation), well, it's something like that. I'm not really a HUGE Teen Top fan (I only have two of their songs in my iPod), but I think I'm gonna like this song. As for Sohyun...I freaking love her hair because it's like mine except my hair is less wavier and the color is black. I did dye my hair blonde once but I got in trouble with my teacher so I couldn't do it again.


As for L.joe...I know I'm not a huge fan of Teen Top (as stated earlier), but when it comes to him, my fangirl mode turns on >.<


I hope the video comes out soon because this teaser is teasing me alright hehe.

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  1. the dance version teaser was up yesterday but since i'm so immersed with layout coding, i didn't watch it but i heart that it will be bravesound, so i'm sre the song will be awesome XD sohyun is too cute! the only good thing about the comeback lol (hate niel's hairstyle which makes his head two times bigger)

    anyway, i'm hosting a game at d-chazz.. do check it out and it would be awesome if you join as well ^^