Friday, January 6, 2012

Teen Top '미치겠어' MV Full Version

Hooray! The full version of Teen Top's "Going Crazy" finally came out! At first, I was confused how people got these gifs (example below) in tumblr, so I thought another teaser came out (I was wrong =_=).


Speaking of his highschool picture, I was on tumblr and saw this:

Not pretty sure if it's L.joe, but it looks like him. Okay, back to the full version talk. I thought to check in with Allkpop since they're always up-to-date with things and woop-dee-doo, the full version came out.  It's about time!

Okay~so that was totally different from the drama version. I totally thought this song was going to be slow and sad (and again, I was wrong =_=). The video was pretty cute though, even if I did not know what the story line was about or overall, what they were saying. But what caught my eye in the video was the almost end-ish part of the video, when they were wearing a white t-shirt and jogging pants *drools*. Simple things always grabs my attention. 


  1. Did you watch the dance version? Maybe that's why you thought it was gonna be sad. Lol, I didn't understand what the storyline or what they were saying either. The gifs were hilarious by the way :DD

  2. I did, but I thought it was gonna be like sad at first then it gets fast (you know like "I'll Be Back" by 2PM). Thanks by the way about the gifs, I was laughing too when I saw it. Credits to tumblr :)

  3. Nope, I'm here! I never watched the teaser becuase it's mocking me that they don't have the full version keke!! I wonder if L.joe really did ask Sohyun in the MV if he wants to be his girlfriend *looking at gif*

    p.s. I don't have a blog, website, or any link other than email, so I'm putting ~if you don't mind~ MWUUUHHAHAHAA!

  4. Yeah, I wonder that too, I really didn't understand what they said at all and what the heck was happening. My sister might understand (she's a hardcore nerd who loves studying). haha using winglin as your link

  5. Poor L.joe TT TT

    p.s. DO NOT CLICK ON MY LINK! It's still but I may have typo and accidentally lead you to a virus website...just warning ya