Saturday, January 14, 2012

Livejournal Is Confusing Me

Gosh, I don't what the eff I'm supposed to do! All these people posting stories (mostly yaoi) and having nice journals and many friends, I just don't know how to be like them. This was like when I started tumblr and Asianfanfics. I had no idea on how things went and after a few days or one week, I got used to how it works. But, Livejournal is soo much different and it confuses me. LJ keeps sending me messages on every little thing I do and the layouts confuses me. Also, there is too much yaoi stories that it's actually making me hate yaoi. I mean, I love yaoi and I enjoy it, but if there's a little too much then I kind of go where people aren't usually at (that means I go back to reading straight love boyxgirl). I guess I am just being impatient, which is one of the most horrible things internet has done to me. Well, I'm going to give Livejournal a chance maybe in a few months or so, I won't be as confused as right now. 

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  1. LJ layout is indeed confusing but once you get the hang of it, you'll gonna love it! keke~ but I still prefer blogger ^^