Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Such A Bad Girlfriend?

No, I do not have a boyfriend, in case you are wondering. The title of this post is supposed to be "Advertisements", but I just decided to name what it is right now (hope that made sense). So I was on Asianfanfics and just doing my daily thing I usually do there (reading fanfics), when suddenly I got 7 messages. At first I was happy, but when I saw what those 7 messages were, I was not very happy at all. I found out they were just advertisements for me to read their story and all 7 of them had something to do with Boyfriend (Youngmin to be specific). It's not like I hate Boyfriend, I actually love them, it's just that those advertisements just make me hate not like them (I'm sorry to Boyfriend fans out there). I mean, it's okay if you advertise your role playing and graphic place (I'll be happy to join and request), but I hate it when people advertise stories to me (I can find my own stories to read, thank you very much). Urgh! I'm being such a bad "girlfriend" (I think that's what Boyfriend fans are called, haven't researched on that yet). Well, anyways, say hello to my new Boyfriend bias...Jeongmin! Woohoo!

Went grocery shopping by the ways and I took some pictures along the way too. Got a bunch of wierd looks from people while I took the pictures hehe. I decided to add my watermark in the pictures just to look professional kekeke!

The parking lot

Small cactuses

Fishies :)

A Dora Pillow Pet! 

I grabbed all the Asian food available in Wal Mart and it was worth it *eating Kimchi flavored noodles*.

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  1. lol the Kuala Lumpur Tower and the KLCC! i love to hang out at KLCC because of the beautiful scenery and the cool outlets in there XD ah, i haven't uploaded the tutorial! keke~ i will let you know when i put it up XD