Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fanfiction Addiction

Lately, I've been addicted reading fanfics (I even stayed up 'till 3:00 A.M just to finish reading). They're just so freaking good. GAH! Why is life so hard!...well anywayz (before I get off topic), I was supposed to be practicing dancing but instead I'm in my room laying down, reading on my phone and obsessively fangirling on "cute" or "sweet" moments that happens in the story. So I'm pretty much screwed right now because I only remeber a few parts of The Boys by SNSD and Nu ABO by f(x). Here are some of the fanfics I'm reading right now and I guess they're pretty good ^-^

My Life As His FiancĂ©e: Characters: You, Woohyun, Infinite, and Kpop Cameos. An arranged engangement with the heir of one of the most wealthiest company. But not just any heir. This guy is one of the biggest playboys along with his friends of Seoul, having girls fall left and right. Rumors popping up every chance they get. Will this be a huge mistake on your parents part? Or will you be able to soften the heart of this guy and in any case possibly fall in love? Story By: Love4life

The Girl Who Didn't Believe In Love: Characters: You and Hero Jaejoong. I don't how to describe it, but it's a very good story. Your character is a girl who didn't believe in love and takes her work seriously, until Jaejoong came to her/your life. It's pretty confusing with stories that has *You* in it (well, that's what I think). Story By: dbskgirl4ever (I personally love her stories)

Wrong Confession To The Devil Twin: Characters: You, Kwangmin, Youngmin, Lee Ji Eun. A pair of twins were famous in Starship Academy for their looks. But both of them had a totally different personality. What if you come up to the wrong twin, and confessed your love. And what if he accepted it?!?!?!?! Story By: crazymeh

He Started It By Hitting On Me (RATED M): Characters: Mi Young, Jonghyun, and SHINee. It didn't let me copy it so I'm just gonna give my own description of the story. It started when Kim Jonghyun, the biggest player in school hit on Mi Young. Mi Young wasn't any of those stupid and naive girls Jonghyun plays with. She humiliated him in front of the school and now he wants revenge. So basically, they try to get revenge on each other and...yeah...this story has heavy curse words and sexual scenes, so read at your own risk. Story By: tihikix33 and cookiemonsterx3

Soulmate For Sale: Characters: You, Minwoo, and Sandeul. It didn't let me copy it so I'm gonna try my best to summarize it, please forgive me. No Minwoo is a homeless happy-go-lucky guy  that strongly believes in fates and soulmate. One day he knocks on your door saying you're his soulmate. Story By: muzikmaster (I love her stories on Boyfriend).

That's not all the stories I have read (I didn't feel like posting them all) and you should try reading them because they're pretty good. Most of the fanfics I have read are in Asianfanfics, some on Winglin, and only one on So...yeah that's pretty much what's on my mind today. Bye-bye!

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